Do you want a dark style at your home? Then, theΒ Emperador Dark marbleΒ is the perfect product for you. Each stone has its unique expression, with brown and white veins that wander across your countertops. Our dark Emperador marble shows history as it feels when worn today by the next generation.

Our stone will have your home looking stunning with its deep, dark brown color. These polished, black stones will take your breath away with their stunningly dark hue and smooth feel. Just imagine all the things you could do to bring this decorative stone into your home. We provide an airy look to these shiny dark rocks, giving off just the right sense of darkness that will fit any ambiance. We are giving an idealΒ Emperador dark marbleΒ for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Raw:Β in this instance, our dark Emperador's face is cut directly without polishing. Unfortunately, this leaves the surface not shining.
  • Polished:Β By polishing the marble, we can enhance the dark brown color and add gloss and shine to the space in which it will be placed.
  • Honed:Β this kind of finish looks similar to the original finish.
  • Brushed:Β Our finish seeks to create a natural stone having a rough appearance, without any sparkle, to reflect the passing of time onto the material.
  • Bush hammered:Β Bush hammering results in a consistent rough marble surface, making natural stone suitable for outdoor use because of its grip characteristics.