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Thassos white marble tiles are perfect for use in your kitchen. Since Thassos tiles are heat resistant, you can place them in the kitchen anytime you feel the need to cook at high temperatures. However, since these are considered expensive materials, you must ensure that they are adequately maintained not to have to spend too much money maintaining them. 

The strength and durability of Thassos tiles make them ideal for home flooring. Therefore, when you want to give your home a unique and attractive look, you should use Thassos white marble tiles. 

These tiny crystals are then formed into a hard substance that is about 35 times harder than wood. That kind of hardness, coupled with its all-natural color, makes Thassos white marble tiles one of the most durable flooring materials around.

Why choose Thassos white marble? 

Thassos white marble has been producing and exporting Greek white marble since 1987 all over the world. In addition to blocks, slabs, and tiles, we create bespoke environments designed with precision and care. Thassos white is a pure white marble (dolomite marble), a natural stone. Its crystalline, white, and regular tone enable it as one of the whitest pearls in existence. Its name is inspired by the Greek island of Thassos, the island of natural pools. So, it is the perfect choice for your bathroom and kitchen that can create an enticing look. Reasons to choose our white thassos marble tiles: 

  • Attractive appearance 
  • Customized sizes 
  • Latest styles and textures 
  • Robust and authentic material 
  • Easy to clean &maintain 


Thassos white marble is a pure white-colored marble used to make any room look immaculate. Shop the collection, with many designs’ options, at

White marble tiles are available in the latest designs and textures with customizing sizes. But thassos white marble is known for its natural white appearance in the world. This marble has a Greek origin; therefore, it is also known by the name of geek marble.  It is a pure grey mosaic marble that is available per square foot. You may find it unique due to its crystal-like appearance.  Just like all other natural stones, the veining pattern of these geek white marbles varies in our collection. The grey veining pattern stands out on the polished white marble.

We provide high-quality Thassos white marble which is suitable for walls and floor. The veining effect can be seen throughout the white marble.

It is also called: Thassos White Marble, Thassos Extra White, White of Thassos, Bianco Thassos, Snow White Marble, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Thassos Snow White, Thassos Pure White, Bianco Taxes, Branco Thassos, Thassos White, White Thassos, Athos White, Blanco Thasos. Thassos Marble can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, and so on.