Durango Travertine Tile - Buy Durango Cream TravertineΒ 

Durango travertine tile is a classic beige Mexican stone tile.Β  This product has swirls of tans and cream-coloured veins in it.Β  We are selling Durango cream travertine in mosaic stone and brick patterns.Β  Durango travertine looks amazing in flooring and walls. Β We provide you with such high-quality tiles that they can be applied as countertops. These tiles have a sheet-like appearance with a tumbled finish. It is available in different patterns and sizes.

We offer a reasonable thickness of 8 millimetres in brick-style Durango travertine.Β Β The brick-style stone is perfect and stylish for a classic look. And mosaic tiles are applicable for floors.Β 

The cream textured finish gives an elegant look to your household.Β Β 

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