Brick & Subway Tiles

These tiles capture the enduring appeal of brick and subway patterns, reimagined in an array of captivating colors. Whether you're aiming for a vintage aesthetic or a modern look, our collection offers a canvas for creative expression that stands the test of time.

Brick tiles, reminiscent of urban lofts and historic buildings, bring a rugged and industrial touch to your spaces. Combine this ruggedness with an eclectic palette, and you have a diverse selection of colors that range from warm reds and earthy browns to cool grays and sophisticated whites. The result is a rich tapestry of hues that can complement a variety of design themes.

Subway tiles, known for their timeless appeal, offer a sleek and clean aesthetic. Our collection takes the classic white subway tile and expands the possibilities with an assortment of colors, including soft pastels, bold blues, and elegant blacks. This allows you to craft a look that is both timeless and uniquely yours.

Mix and match these brick and subway tiles in various colors to create dynamic patterns and designs. Whether it's a herringbone arrangement, a chevron pattern, or a classic running bond layout, the diverse color palette adds depth and visual interest to your walls, backsplashes, or floors.

With our Brick and Subway Tiles Collection, you have the freedom to infuse your space with personality and style. Elevate your design aspirations by exploring the interplay of textures, patterns, and colors, creating an atmosphere that is both welcoming and visually captivating.