Ultimate guidelines about stunning marble tiles

by Nest Tile on Mar 22, 2021

Ultimate guidelines about stunning marble tiles

Marble tiles are a natural stone that has been in use for the past one thousand years. It was material for flooring and building structures like temples, mansions, and palaces. 

It is mainly used for countertops and on floors, but nowadays, it is also being used to make marble tiles for bathrooms. As compared to other natural stones, these slabs have a unique grain pattern that makes them ideal for use on floors. 

Marble tiles are extremely popular and are considered the best flooring solution for homes. If you have a marble-tiles floor in your home, you will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and keep it comfortable and easy to maintain. In addition, marble tile is the best choice for the bathroom floor.

What are marble tiles?

There are various luxury stones in the world, marble is one of them; it is a very famous natural stone that customizes in tiles, slabs for commercial and residential use, including wall tiles, floors, and countertops. Granite has typically a vertical or dotted pattern of a colour, although marble generally has a wavy veined design. In addition, it is a natural metamorphic rock

It is formed when a sedimentary stone, like limestone, is converted into hard stone with delicate color and veined structures under heat and pressure. 

What are the types of marble tiles?

All types of marble tiles' designs for the floor are elegant. There are several types of marble tiles available in the market. They vary in colors, sizes, shapes, and designs as well. When you plan to buy these tiles, you have to select the right one for your home. 

If you have small rooms in your house, then it will be a better idea to select dark coloured marble tiles. On the other hand, if you want to cover a big area in your home, you can go for light-colored tiles. The most popular types are given below.

  • Carrara marble tile
  • Calacatta Gold Marble
  • Tundra Gray Marble
  • Oriental White Marble
  • Thassos White Marble

Carrara marble tile:

Carrara marble tile is widely recognized for its aesthetic and durable qualities. It is a tough, durable and hard material that can be used both inside and outside the home. It has been in use since ancient times. Many homeowners used white Carrara marble tile in the bathroom.

White Carrara marble tile has been used in building structures all over the world, including palaces, castles, churches, and even government buildings. This tough material has an attractive luster and is a natural wonder that adds to any location's beauty. 

If you think of renovating your interior and exterior space, this naturally tough and durable stone is the right choice for you. The price of the Carrara marble tile varies from one place to another. The white Carrara marble tile for the bathroom is the best choice of the homeowners and contractor.

Calacatta Gold Marble

The Calacatta Gold Marble is the most attractive floor covering product that is available to consumers. The reason for this is not hard to find. Firstly, it is very appealing, and it is available in a variety of colours.

Secondly, it is quite hard-wearing, meaning that it can withstand heavy foot traffic and scratches. Thirdly it comes with a finish that protects the floor from any acidic stains. Finally, it has a gleaming mirror effect, meaning that it will reflect light beautifully. 

This flooring can be used in a bathroom, dining area, bedroom, and hallway. One of the areas where it is advantageous is the hallway because it adds warmth and style.

Tundra Gray Marble

The gray floor Tundra Gray marble is an excellent addition to any room in your home. It is beautiful, unique, and gorgeous. It will give a sophisticated look to any room in your house. Tundra gray is the birthstone for the month of October and November. 

This naturally gray colored stone has been used for centuries for various purposes, including decorating floors and walls. It can be used on the walls, floors, and even in the fireplace. This gray granite looks beautiful and is affordable. 

Tundra gray marble comes in an array of blue, black, green, white, and yellow colors. You may want to add some other colors to your home, but having all of these colors will pull the look of your home together.

Oriental White Marble

Oriental White Marble is a unique floor covering material. It has a unique gleam, similar to a mirror. The product comes in a few variations, such as textured, speckled, glossy, or unglazed. When deciding on Oriental White Marble, your interior design will determine the tile you purchase. If you love the traditional look of a stone floor, you will love this type of flooring.

Thassos White Marble

Thassos White Marble for home is ideal for people who want to add beauty and elegance to their homes. The unique and attractive feature of this flooring product makes it popular among homeowners. 

Most people prefer to use Thassos tiles as the flooring material for their homes as it is highly durable and beautiful. 

Moreover, its price is also not so high compared to other marble products available in the market. It has been used for many decades, and it has been accepted by people worldwide because of its durability, beauty, and suitability for all types of household and building constructions.

Is marble tile hard to install?

Installation of marble tiles is almost the same as ceramic tiles or other natural stone tiles. A block of cement is placed first on the floor, and then the tiles are glued down with a thin collection of adhesives. The joints between the tiles are sealed with a cement grout after they have cured adhesive. 

Although installing marble tiles is identical to ceramic tiles, installing DIY can be a difficult task. Marble tiles are a very heavy yet delicate stone, and inexperienced DIY can find that they crack much marble. 

The floor's correct preparation is essential, and marble is much harder to clean and drill than a natural stone, which requires special equipment. Therefore, you need professionals for its installation. 

Can tiles be fixed on marble?

The marble is flat and non-porous, both fine surface properties but bad for a tiled substratum.  Add a soot layer to the marble's normal smoothness, and you can find it hard to hit a mastic forever. You can follow a three-part strategy. Clean the marble, etch the marble and use the appropriate adhesive.  

Your tiles will stay put on the marble after applying the three-part strategy if tiles are not well fixed on the marble, you have to use a cement backer board on the marble. 

Pros and cons of marble tile?

The cons and pros of marble tile are crucial in helping to determine whether the suitable material is chosen for any particular application or room within a home.



Real estate value addition 

Cold underfoot

Accommodates radiant floor heating 


Easily polished 


Elegant appearance 

Porous stone

Natural material 

Stains, scratches 

Is Marble Flooring Right for You?

When considering all the different materials to use for your home or office, one of the most elegant and beautiful selections is marble flooring. For those who are used to seeing it in public buildings like hospitals, hotels, and even corporate offices, marble is hard to miss. 

Even when you are not in a public building, you will find that marble tiles have a warm and inviting feel to them that makes them so different than most other types of tiles. 

In addition to its elegant appearance, marble floors offer a number of benefits to homeowners that include the fact that they are easy to clean, never need resealing, and can easily be cut to fit any space within a room house. 

While marble is one of the most popular options for home and commercial remodeling projects, you may be wondering if marble tile flooring is right for you.

Why do people prefer marble tiles?

There are a number of reasons why people prefer to use marble tiles for flooring. First of all, these slabs are very easy to maintain. Unlike other floorings such as ceramic, granite, and wood, you do not have to worry about applying different types of cleaning agents for maintaining the pristine condition of your slabs. 

You can wipe these stones clean with a wet mop or a damp rag. Also, you need not worry about scratches and stains because these slabs are capable of resisting these various forces of nature.

Is marble floor hard to maintain?

Have you ever wondered how durable is marble flooring; and if it is really that hard to maintain? You may have noticed that your marble tile floor always seems to get damaged sooner or later by footprints, shoes, spills, pets and so on. 

What if you had a marble floor that could be maintained as efficiently and trouble-free as any wood floor? You would probably say that it's not a very difficult thing to maintain, but that doesn't mean that it is at all easy to maintain.

A lot of people think that marble tile flooring is as easy to maintain as any other kind of flooring since it is pretty resistant to staining and scratches. The truth is that marble is one of the hardest natural materials that we have available for us to use on our floors. 

However, it is also one of the easiest ones to maintain. With the proper care, your marble floor will last you for decades.

How to clean marble tiles?

Many homeowners wonder how to clean marble tiles. Marble tiles add elegance and a touch of class to any room they are placed in. 

Vinegar is the simplest yet most effective way of cleaning your marble tile. All you need to do is mix one-part white vinegar with two parts hot water. Use a sponge or paper towels to scrub the spill, then simply rinse it off with clean water. This solution will help to get rid of any stains or spills immediately.

Lemon juice is very effective in removing stains and grime from marble tiles, as long as it is used correctly. Simply squeeze a few lemon slices onto the area that has become dirty, and then wipe it down with clean water. It will remove the dirt, but it may also leave some residue so you will need to repeat the process. 

You may want to consider calling a professional cleaning service to take care of your marble floor.

Uses of marble tiles

Marble tiles are used in homes, hotels, and offices. It is the perfect choice for the bathroom. In addition to being used on the floors, marble tiles are also used on the house's walls and countertops. 

You can also use marble-tiles on the fireplace mantel, and in fact, marble tiles add a lot of elegance to the fireplace. They are elegant looking and look just like they are made out of pure marble.

Besides that, marble tiles are perfect for use in your kitchen. Since marble tiles are heat resistant, you can place them in the kitchen anytime you feel the need to cook at high temperatures. The marble tiles design for the kitchen is elegant and can inspire others.

Where to buy marble tiles?

As you know that marble makes the home alluring. It has numerous wonderful properties, but for quality tile you have to select a reputable platform. The nesttile is the best place for premium quality marble tiles. If you live in Canada, you have to visit this address; 123 Fake St. Toronto, Canada for high-quality marble tiles.

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