How to re-shape a bent backsplash mosaic tile sheet?

by Nest Tile on Dec 19, 2023

How to re-shape a bent backsplash mosaic tile sheet
Sometimes you may receive your natural stone or porcelain mosaic backsplash sheets in plastic shrink wraps. 
Due to a tight seal of the wrap the fiberglass sheet behind the mosaic might scroll or bend, this is not a defect of your mosaic, this situation can be fixed easily in a couple of quick steps.
First of all, please unwrap all mosaics and leave them on a flat surface for a day. Fiberglass sheet behind the backsplash tile will loosen and reshape to its original size.
To speed up this process you may apply a bit of weight on top of the backsplash mosaics, like a book, on the corners that are bent.
Another solution is to use tile spacers between mosaic chips on bended areas at the tile installation, this will help you to make sure the fiberglass back sheet will get the correct shape.
Finally, we recommend contractors to lay mosaic sheets down before the installation side to side and decide which ones to go where for natural color or vein variation. While you do this step you may also decide to put bended sheets to wall or floors sides that will be cut during the installation and you can waste those bended ones instead of the already straight mosaic backsplash sheets
Lastly, buying extra 10-15% of materials to cover wastes, defects and natural variations is always better to avoid any time waste on the project.

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