How to Care and Clean Natural Stones?

by Nest Tile on Nov 16, 2023

Hot to Care and Clean Natural Stones

The varying degrees of hardness in natural stones contribute to their diverse applications. Stones with resistance to weather conditions, enduring rain, wind, and sun, ensure a long-lasting quality life. Marble, which is commonly used, has played a crucial role throughout history in the establishment of civilizations, the construction of cities, the development of art, and the shaping of lifestyles. Travertine, onyx, and granite, with their distinct structures, have gradually become more prevalent in living spaces over time.

Due to its durable nature, marble is widely chosen for its use in columns, outdoor theaters, fountains, and pools. Its workability also makes it a preferred material for home accessories, wall coverings, flooring, and kitchen countertops. The meticulous care and cleaning of natural stones, which can be used in various construction projects, contribute to their extended lifespan. Proper maintenance is essential for surfaces like marble, and it is crucial to prevent the spillage of acidic beverages such as fruit juice, coffee, and cola. Marble surfaces may have a polished finish or utilize the honing technique for a matte appearance. This results in varying levels of reflectivity among different marble surfaces. Warm water and a soft cloth are generally sufficient for cleaning natural stones. Harsh chemical-based cleaners should be avoided, and aggressive cleaning techniques should not be applied to the surfaces.

Travertine surfaces typically have a porous structure. For the removal of stains and dirt, it is advisable to use mild cleansers with a lower acid content. Abrasive objects like sandpaper or wire should not be used for stain removal; instead, a soft cloth and sponge will suffice. Natural stones, with their inherent authenticity, bring positive energy to living spaces. Through the budget method, these stones can be dimensioned for any desired area, and their surfaces are easier to clean.

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