How Long Does It Take To Grout A Tile Backsplash?

by Nest Tile on Dec 27, 2021

How Long Does It Take To Grout A Tile Backsplash?

Tiling a backsplash is a fun activity from all the DIY projects. It takes three main stages for tiling a backsplash in the kitchen. Generally, you start by prepping the drywall, tiling it, and then applying the grout. Indeed, grouting is the last and final step for a perfect DIY backsplash. If you think you have gone through the most critical procedure of picking tiles and installing them, it is a sheer misconception of yours. The final professional touch is to grout the tiles. 

Mind it; the job is not done yet without proper and professional grouting. Furthermore, poorly done grouting is a headache in the future. In contrast, a perfect grout lining can transform the outlook of your kitchen backsplash. For that, you need to grasp the idea of how to grout tile backsplash. And the time duration is a matter to discuss later in this blog. 

If you are all set to tackle the steps to do this DIY task, we have a precise but to-the-point guide for you. Consider it as an opportunity to learn tiling a backsplash kitchen.   

You can grout tile backsplash like a pro by following a few easy steps from the experts. But first, you need to get ready for this task. It is much simpler than how to install crown molding. Let’s get started with the process.

Getting ready for the DIY backsplash task:

Consider the following initial steps before getting into details of the grouting mixture and its application:

  • Start by selecting the grout type.
  • Choose the grout based on the size of the gap between the tiles.
  • Typically, you have four main grout choices. Sanded, unsanded, quarry, and epoxy are the four types.
  • Moreover, keep in mind that each tile requires a different sort of grout lining for resistance and longevity.
  • Now, choose the perfect grout color that offers visual delight and cohesiveness to the tile backsplash. 

Materials required:

Once you have chosen your grout type and color, you can apply it. So, gather the material below to kick start the grouting process. 

  •  Plastic sheeting
  •  Painter’s tape
  •  Grout
  •  Grout sealer (if required)
  •  Caulk
  •  Grout float
  •  Putty knife
  •  Two buckets
  •  Sponge
  •  Cloth

How Long Does It Take To Grout A Tile Backsplash

Steps to grout your tile backsplash:


Step no: 1

Once you have the material at hand, the first step is to protect your countertops. That is where you use your plastic sheeting. So, cover the entire top surface with plastic sheets to protect it from the grout mixture. In addition, secure the corners of the counter with the painter’s tape. Always prepare the area and secure other valuables before going for a DIY task.

Step no: 2

Now that your counter area is fully secured, you can begin preparing the grout mixture. For that, take one bucket and mix the grout by using a putty knife. Furthermore, follow the directions mentioned on the grout packaging to avoid any consequences. Mix the grout until it has the consistency of peanut butter. However, only mix the grout for a small area. As a result, the mixture will not harden fast.

Step no: 3

After tiling the backsplash in the kitchen and preparing the grout, it’s time to grout. Remember; always begin grouting from a small section of the tile backsplash. Spread the grout on the tiles with sturdy hands. In addition, spread the grout material with the grout float in one direction. Spread it over to fill the joints in the tiles. 

Moreover, using your fingers is the best way to make sure that the gaps are filled. In the same way, press the grout using one finger to fill the gaps in the backsplash. Also, apply the grout on the tiles in upward hand movements. During this process, be careful not to let the grout come into contact with your kitchen cabinets or windows. 

Step no: 4

If you think the grout is successfully applied, let the grout dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then fill a second bucket with warm water and wipe away the excess grout from your backsplash tile with a sponge and warm water. Wipe the tiles until no grout remains on them. 

However, avoid using too much water in order to wipe the tiles as it can damage the grout filling. Also, make sure to use a clean cloth every time you clean the tiles. 

Step no: 5

Now relax for some time and let the grout dry for a few hours. Letting the grout stay overnight is the best tip you can have on how to grout a backsplash. If you are a night owl, a peaceful evening is the best time for this DIY project. Just apply the grout and leave it overnightWhen you feel that the grout is dried, use a soft dry cloth to check if the grout is dry. In addition, use this dry piece of cloth to wipe the tiles one more time.    

Step no: 6

We are now ready to apply the grout seal. After waiting for 24 hours (at least), use a sealer via a clean cloth and spread it over the dried tiles. Wait until the seal settles. This top layer is a must to protect the tile backsplash kitchen from stains, discoloration, and other food chunks.

Step no: 7

Yes, this is the last step. Finally, apply caulk to the backsplash towards the end of the windows and the countertop edges. To get the perfect lines, use the beads and press the caulk firmly with your fingers, and let it dry for a while. Then, again use a sponge to give a smooth finish. 

Now that the job is done, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Time required for the grouting project:

Well, it is just a matter of a few hours to grout your tile backsplash. Although preparing the area may take some time, but the grout itself takes 30 minutes to dry. In case of excess moisture or water content, it might take 15 more minutes. So, it is better to leave it overnight for complete satisfaction.  

Summing up:

Are you a DIY freak? Then you will enjoy tiling a backsplash in the kitchen. This blog contains a step-by-step guide on how to grout tile backsplashes for DIY enthusiasts. No doubt, it is simple, yet it requires a professional touch. The details of what you need to do before and after installing the tiles are right here. So, get the materials you need and grout your tile backsplash in only a few hours. 

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