Choosing the Right Kitchen Floor Tile

by Nest Tile on Jan 04, 2024

Kitchen Floor Tile


One of the most significant parts of the home is the kitchen, and finding suitable tile is an important aspect of a functional and harmonious kitchen. Nest Tiles's popular tile products stand out for their reasonable price and unique characteristics. 

Considerations for Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles:


  • The kitchen is a high-traffic area prone to spills, dropped items, and heavy foot traffic. Durability is crucial when choosing floor tiles because the kitchen is used frequently and exposed to stains and spills.


  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles are well known for being low maintenance; their resistance to moisture makes them easy to clean.


  • Nesttile.com is one of the leading importers in the USA. We import from the first-hand manufacturers directly to customers, providing a reasonable price than any other online tile websites. Nesttile.com is known for its cost-effective option since there is no chain between manufacturers and customers.


  • Nesttile.com provides special finish options for any tile you want to purchase. Its matte finish tiles for porcelain are a safe choice for kitchen floors.

Exploring Popular Kitchen Floor Tiles:

Carrara Marble from Italy:

Carrara is known for its timeless and minimalist appearance, with its gray veining on a white marble surface giving a softer look than Calacatta Gold. In addition to its contemporary feature, Carrara Marble is often more budget-friendly than other similar white marble options.  Nesttile.com provides various size options, from large rectangle or square Carrara tiles to different mosaic options such as basketweave, hexagon, or subway Carrara mosaic tiles.

Calacatta Gold from Italy

Calacatta Gold Marble features bolder and more dramatic veining, often with gold or amber hues, adding a touch of luxury to the kitchen. Calacatta Gold is often preferred for upscale high-end kitchen design.  This collection adds a cozy and warm look to your kitchen floor. Don’t miss the cost-effective Calacatta gold tile options that nesttile.com offers.

Bardiglio Imperiale imported from Italy

Bardiglio Imperiale is one of the most elegant grey marble with its light warmth veining. This collection is available in large rectangles or square sizes like 24x48, 24x24, and 12x24.

Decorative Porcelain Tiles

Check out Nesttile’s decorative porcelain tiles perfect for the kitchen floor. Decorative-look porcelain tiles have many color and size options. Geometro collection is often used for kitchen backsplash.

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