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Seagrass Limestone Floor tile

Limestone tiles are a type of natural tile that comes from the quarries of Italy and Greece. Many different types of stones can be quarried, but none are as valuable and famous as seagrass limestone. Limestone is also one of the oldest types of building material still being used today because of its beauty, strength, and durability.

Therefore, we have a huge collection of premium quality seagrass limestone tiles in several sizes, colors, and styles. Our polished limestone tile is a durable, reliable, and shining surface that can make your floor wonderful.  

Benefits of seagrass limestone tile:

There are several advantages of limestone tiles that make them such an attractive option when it comes to bathroom flooring and other natural stone areas.

It is hard: Seagrass limestone tile is hard; limestone is primarily composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium chloride. These two minerals give limestone great strength and natural beauty.

Versatility: There are many uses for this durable material. Seagrass Limestone tiles are using in hallways, floors, and bathrooms. It is available in several colors and sizes.

Alluring look: Limestone tiles are also gorgeous. Today, some people even choose to stain or paint them in order to make them more attractive.

Easy to clean: The great thing about limestone is that they don't need masonry training; just a simple sweep with a mop and a bucket of water is enough to keep them clean.

Resistant to acid: Seagrass limestone tiles are highly resistant to acid damage, which makes them ideal for use on bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you plan a major renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, it may be a good idea to consider using seagrass limestone tiles.

Why seagrass limestone?

Limestone is a much more durable and practical option for use in a variety of applications. Seagrass limestone tile is made from shale and is therefore naturally porous and more prone to stains than granite.

One of the best-looking and most practical flooring options that a homeowner can use is seagrass limestone tile. It has become a favorite among many house owners and designers because of its natural elegance and easy handling. It is also using as indoors or outdoors floor

How to buy seagrass limestone tile?

In this digitalized era, mostly paper makes their purchase online. This tile is also available online. If you want an attractive look at your home, you have to buy our premium quality seagrass

Seagrass Limestone Flamed Washed 16x24 2 MODERN COPING


Seagrass Limestone Flamed Washed 14x24 2 MODERN COPING


Seagrass Limestone PAVER 16x24 1.25 Flamed Washed


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