Oriental White Tile

Oriental Asian Statuary White Marble

Oriental white is a pure white marble piece with gray veins, and it is also called Calcutta honeymoon. It has a similar appearance to Calcutta but with a softer pattern. Furthermore, statuary white marble has a natural and luxurious look when used with brushed metallic like silver, and copper makes a modern layout that is distinctive and noticeable. Most homeowners prefer to use white Asian statuary marble tiles as they are easy to maintain and they add a sophisticated look to the room.

Oriental White Asian Statuary MarbleΒ has some properties that make them unique over other oriental statuary marble tiles.Β 

  • Porosity
  • Heat resistant
  • Durability
  • Voguish appearanceΒ 

If you want to create a white appearance in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dining room, it would be the best choice.Β In addition, Asian statuary marble tiles are both durable and highly resistant to staining and damage.

Why oriental white marble?

Oriental white marble tiles are ideal for home decoration. OrientalΒ statuary white marbleΒ is a luxurious white marble, famous for its milky white background with linear grey veins, fine grain, delicate texture, deep jade sense, and durable quality.

Its quality could almost compete with Italian statuary marble, thus obtaining great attention from its associates and users worldwide that never goes out of style.Β 

Oriental statuary white marbleΒ is widely used for buildings that require high decoration, such as interior wall stone, tiles, columns, steps, handrails, reception, window sills, etc. However, you canΒ buy oriental white marbleΒ from ourΒ online tile storeΒ at a reasonable price.

Asian statuary marble tiles come in different shades. There are light shades like white which are quite smooth, ivory and white shades like ivory which have fine luster, and a wide range of dark shades like chocolate, wine, and black.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ,s)

What is Asian statuary marble?

Asian statuary marble is one of the most favorite stones used as a building material and household decoration around the world. As marble has a unique ability to blend with any other materials such as wood, glass, metal, or even ceramics and granite, only skilled craftsmen can produce this stone art piece.

Statuary marble is a dense white or near-white colored, hard stone. These Asian statuary marble tiles are available in various sizes with smooth or ribbed surfaces. They are highly appreciated by interior designers and people who like to decorate their homes and offices in a unique style.

How expensive is statuary marble?

I have been asked how many statuary white marble tiles there are in a square foot, and is statuary marble expensive? So here you go: depending upon the range of colors and quality of grain pattern, statuary marble can get pretty pricey.

At any rate, statuary marble prices can vary from $10 sf to $25 sf approximately, depending on the color, pattern, and quality of statuary marble. On average, it is probably about $15sf for statuary white marble.

Oriental white marble is similar to what?

Oriental white marble, also known as calacatta white marble honeymoon, is a top grade and high quality pure Chinese marble stone. Furthermore, it is similar to calacatta marbles. It has a white background with gray wisps.

It is generally characterized by its elegant and intricate patterns, dramatic shapes, smooth surface, beautiful colors, and extraordinary textures. These are typically one of the most luxurious varieties found in homes around the globe. Oriental white marble has been used extensively for creating lavishly ornate floors.

How to clean marble statuary?

1. Gently wipe the marble statuary with a damp cloth to remove any dust or grime. No need to use hot water, soap, or detergent.

2. Rinse the marble statuary with cold water and pat dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

3. If needed, you can polish a marble statue using crystallized hydrogen oxide (in the form of rock candy) in order to help protect it against further damage from dirt that may accumulate on the surface of marble statues.

4.Make sure that all parts are dried thoroughly before applying any treatments. Remember, marble is naturally porous, so do not let any liquids remain on the marble for too long.

If you have a marble statuary with a colored or patina finish, you need to be very careful when cleaning them so that you do not cause any damage to the marble statue. For example, marble statues stained with tea or coffee can be cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.